Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Resume Templates

What are your resume template packages?

Professional Resume Templates designed to be easily edited. We want to help you to land you the job you want. Our templates are designed for MS Word, Pages, Google Docs and Adobe Illustrator.

What is included in the resume template purchase?

Depending on the chosen product and template, you receive following in a .zip archive file:

  1. 2 Page Resume Template or 1 Page Resume Template or both
  2. Cover Letter Template
  3. References Template
  4. Help File with tips for editing the resume templates
  5. Fonts – in case special fonts are needed for the resume design
  6. Icons – in case they are used in the design
  7. Our Resume Checklist – Tips for the Perfect Resume to help you with your resume
  8. After purchase support/technical support
How does the purchase work?
  1. Check our resume templates in the SHOP.
  2. Select any resume template(s) that you like and suits your needs.
  3. Add items to the basket and complete the payment by your chosen payment method.
  4. Download directly a zip file with all resume templates. You will also receive a payment confirmation email with a download link.
  5. Open files, fill own text in the resume templates and edit according to your wishes and to your liking.
  6. Print out the resume or submit your resume as a digital file to the job opening.
  7. Get the job you want! 
When and how can I download the resume template files?

Once the payment is completed and cleared by your chosen payment method, you will get immediately an option to download your purchased resume template package. Additionally, information such as a payment confirmation and download link will be sent to you by email. You can follow the link or download the resume files after logging into your ACCOUNT.

There is no limit for download, however, the link to the files will be disabled after 90 days due to security reasons. In case of suspicious behaviour (e.g. constant logging into your account, hundreds of downloads), the download link will be disabled. 

What are the computer requirements?

You need a computer (PC or Mac) to download the resume template package. Please read the product description and choose a resume template in the right format.

Our resume templates are designed for four main programs:

We cannot guarantee that our resume templates can be edited in different programs such as Photoshop, OpenOffice, Latex etc. We can create a resume specifically for your needs with an extra fee. Check our resume service HERE.

What can I customise and edit?

 Depending on the specific resume design, these parts of the resume templates can be customised:

  • Fonts, Font sizes and Colour
  • Heading sections
  • All body text
  • Colours
  • Icons
  • Changing the layout
  • Any section can be added, duplicated or deleted. 


Payment Methods & Taxes

What payment methods do you accept?

BestResumes accepts only secure methods of payments. We currently accept PayPal and Stripe. You can choose different secure methods of payments within these services. You don’t need an account at PayPal or Stripe and you can use your credit card for completing the purchase. 

PayPal Acceptance MarkBestResumes Professional Resume Templates powered by Stripe

My money has been deducted, but I’m not able to download the resume templates.

In extremely rare occasions, your money might be processed by Paypal or Stripe, but you are not able to download the files. This situation can happen due to e.g. not letting the purchase complete or redirect error. 

If this happens, please stay CALM and contact us immediately by the contact form below FAQ on this page. Your money won’t be lost and you will receive your resume template or alternatively money back. 

I purchased a resume template using a bank account/eCheck, but I cannot download the product.

It usually takes PayPal or Stripe 3-5 business days to process the payment. Once the payment is processed, the product will be available for download.

We advise using cards or balance on your PayPal account in order to be able to download the products directly after the payment.  

Do I have to pay VAT (Value-Added Tax)?

If you are a buyer outside the European Union, you don’t have to pay any VAT. Customers living in the European Union will have to pay VAT depending on their home country.


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