What should you avoid including in your resume?


What should you avoid including in your resume?

A resume (also a CV) gives information about you to the possible employer. Everybody wants to show that we are the best candidate for the position. Including some information and details about you can lead to instant rejection or disadvantage. Be smart and stand out from other applicants!

Avoid including in your resume:

The word resume

No need for that at all. The hiring person already knows that the document is a resume and you are applying for job positions.

TIP: Name the resume file like yourname_resume. pdf. The reader will know immediately that the document is a resume and what the document is.

Present date

Not relevant to the resume. It can be included in the cover letter.

TIP: Put a date on the cover letter as it is practical and relevant. 


In general, skip any pictures in the resume. Include an image of you only when needed for the nature of job e.g. modelling or acting or when required by the job description. Some recruiters reject a resume with a picture immediately. In that way, they avoid further complaints or allegations of discrimination.

Any personal information 

Don’t include height, sex, weight, marital status, sexual orientation, health information. These pieces of information usually don’t provide any benefits. Include these only when requested, or there is a direct benefit of revealing this information. Some employers could base their decisions on personal data. By not including this information, you prevent the possibility of discriminations. Avoid including in your resume any of these if possible!

Race, religion or political preferences 

Avoid these to prevent discrimination and securing yourself equal opportunities.

Salary history or requirements

It’s too early to talk about this matter in the hiring process. Salary expectations can be discussed later during interviews.


Also early to include these and references can be provided later when requested. Also, skip “References available on request”.

TIP: Keep your updated references in a separate document ready to be sent if requested.

Negative information

In the whole resume never use any negative language even when it is meant positively. Don’t give a negative impression to the hiring person!


Providing some information could have a negative impact on your job application and can lead to immediate rejection. Be careful what you include in your resume!  Always keep in mind whether all information about you is an advantage and provides value to the job application.

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