What to Include in the Resume Contact Section


What to include in the resume contact section?

One of the first parts seen by someone reading your resume is your resume contact information section. This part describes you in a very short way. Resume contact section might look like straightforward and easy to write. However, some unnecessary mistake could be made leading to immediate rejection. This part of the resume needs to answer who you are and how to contact you. The contact details should be easily readable and clear from a first look. So what resume contact information do I need to include?

Necessary  details in the resume contact section


Use your full first and second name easily visible. The best location is on the top of the resume. Don’t include nicknames!

TIP: Use bigger font size and formatting to make your name stand out. TIP:  Put degree letters after your name – mention the title(s) only if they are really relevant.


Provide a professional and personal email address that you only use. Preferably not a general email address e.g. info@provider.com or with a strange username. Use this format   firstname.secondname@emailprovider.com.

TIP: Use well-established email providers like gmail.com, yahoo etc. Remove the underline as it looks strange when the resume is printed out.

Home Address

The employer will always ask about your address and where you live to know if you live close by or far away as you might possibly need to relocate. Many sources advise to include the whole address with the street name, house number, state, zip code. However, I believe that disclosing the city (state) and zip code are enough. Disclosing your house number will also provide privacy protection in case your resume ends up in wrong hands.

TIP: Don’t include p.o.box numbers as it might show negative housing situation not having a stable address. 

Phone number 

Always include a number that you only use and where you can be easily reached. A hiring person doesn’t want to talk to your mum or a family member. If somebody else picks up, it gives a bad impression.

TIP: Use a phone number that you are the only person to answer. Have a clear voice-mail message in case you don’t pick up on time and potential employer leaves a message.

Link to an online profile/portfolio

With social media channels and online presence, it’s a good idea to include a link to your profile that is relevant to the application and job itself. It can be a professional social network, personal website, blog or a portfolio etc. Be aware what is used in your field and use that to your advantage. Hiring people will usually check your online presence and an online profile can provide much more information than 1 or 2 pages resumes.

TIP: Use an URL shortener e.g. Google URL shortener.. The link will take less space and looks better.

Examples of professional website and networking platforms:

LinkedIn – Number 1. professional social network – you can write about your professional experience and showcase your work.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube – Use any of these social media channels if they provide value and benefit to your application.

Behance  – Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries.

Tumblr  – A blogging platform where you can display your artwork or write articles.

GitHub – A development platform for IT and developers.

WordPress, blogging platforms and personal website – You can use any of these to your advantage e.g. writing about your expertise, experience or interests.  These platforms can be used to your benefits and set the way you wish.

There are many other platforms that can be used to your benefits. Choose the one that tells most about your work and expertise. Don’t include too many links as it would be distracting. You can talk more in depth while having an interview. Impress first and get the job later!

Before sending out any resume or job application, check that you included required information in the resume contact section. How could you get a job offer if you cannot be contacted easily?

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